• AVG Free - Perfect for browsing or social networking. Now with free phone support. Download!

  • AUS Logics Deep Defrag - Disk Defrag is the best free disk defrag software that will improve your PC. Download!

  • AUS Logics Reg Cleaner - Our best free PC registry cleaner software will clean up your Windows registry. Download!

  • AUS Logics Reg Defrag - An essential tool for keeping your registry defragmented. Download!

  • Adobe Flash Player - Essential for Veiwing Flash content on the Internet. Download!

  • Java Runetime - Java is Installed on Millions of Device's around the World. Download!

  • WinRar - A powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments. Download! 32Bit! - 64Bit!

  • VLC Player - A free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework. Download!

  • Media Player Classic - An extremely light-weight media player for Windows. Download 32Bit! - 64Bit!

  • Img-Burn - A powerful but extremely easy Image Burner for burning DVD's. Download!

  • Access, support and manage devices anytime, anywhere More than 125 million devices securely connected worldwide. Download!

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Welcome to Cwmbran PC where your Repairs are done Cheap...

Cwmbran PC is about top quality service at a cheap rate. We know getting the most out of your PC / Laptop means alot to you and so we are providing a cheap alternative to setting them right. Whether you want a factory reload of operating system, cleaning and maintaining or simply want advice in upgrading your components. Have you got a network you need installing or troubleshooting. Cwmbran PC can guarantee top quality service at a cheap rate.

How Does it Work...

You simply contact us via Email or Phone Number and schedule either a home visit or pickup. We can then diagnose any problems you are having and discuss what route you wish to take in resolving your problems.

Support... ?

It doesn't just stop there either. We have an online support opportunity for you to take advantage of as well where you could have your PC / Laptop connected to our network along side other customers where we can fix the problem online there and then without a call charge.

Software used in the repairs...

We like to use certain tools to make the PC / Laptop's at there optimal speed and stability. Tools like AUS Logics Deep Defrag, Registry Cleaner and Defragger. Choice of antivirus is AVG but if you subscribe to your own and would like us to put that one on instead then that can be arranged. Products like Microsoft Office can be put on providing you supply your own key for it. Many of the tools we use are very user friendly and do not take a Computer Technician to use them to maintain your system.


Upgrades are done so by request. We can look at your system and advize you where you can and cannot upgrade and help you to get the most out of your system. Upgrades are also available during a repair if you wish to do so.

Build a PC...

If you wish to build your own PC and don't have the IT Experience to do so we offer a service where we can build one for you no matter what your needs are. Whether you want it for downloading, surfing the internet, emails or facebook. We can advize the best route for building the correct PC for you. If you want us to build your PC for you then please visit our Facebook Store to build it online first.