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Upgrade your bus speed and your chipset but it is essential to get the correct motherboard for your CPU.


Whether you want to upgrade to a duel core or quad core CPU's have a certain socket set that matches different types of motherboards.

Hard Drives.

upgrade your Hard Drive to a 500 Gigabyte or a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive.

Solid State Hard Drive.

SSD's are the fastest Hard Drives around and are a very good upgrade for your PC / Laptop.

Graphics Cards.

There are many different types of Graphics cards from HD media to 3D films and even 3D gaming.


Ram is very important to the speed of your system. the more Ram you have the faster and more stable it will be.

Power Supply.

When connecting allot of gadgets to your system it is essential to upgrade your power supply wattage.

PC Cases.

If you build your own PC and you also want to make it look good a simple modern PC Case will do the job.


For advise on how you can upgrade or to arange an upgrade for you please contact us on 07825 070698 or by email mrchappell100@sky.com